If there is one timeless, uniform standard to fashion, it is that Converse are hip. Super fly. Rad. Awesome. Sick. On fleek. The adjectives evolve but the shoes remain ageless. Nothing can touch the stylish simplicity of that rubber-capped canvas.

Does not matter if you are male or female, adult or child, riding the bleeding edge of fashion or a sweatpants devotee. This canvas cowboy boot for the pavement dweller, getting only more comfortable and wearable the longer you have them, takes you anywhere. A shoe so complete in its simplicity, any derivations of it are an act of art rather than commerce. In the pantheon of fashion icons, there are the demigods of each era, shining in their brief absurdity, and there are the enduring deities.

Give me Converse, give me blue jeans, give me t-shirts, and I shall never want for comfort or style for all my days.

(Daily Prompt: New Sensation)


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